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ACXTractor CD MP3 Ripper

cd mp3 ripper

Developer: MarvinTEC
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size: 512KB
Function: Ripping

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ACXTractor is a digital audio extraction tool (cd mp3 ripper) that is very fast and produces good WAV files.  The cool thing about this program is that you can record only part of a song if you wish.  Merely set the start and end times for the recording and hit record and away it goes.  The program also clearly labels its major functions with quick key shortcuts that are noted on the buttons.

For encoding, ACXTractor will use a variety of encoders (Blade, LAME, and GoGo) and even includes a download for the BladeEnc encoder on the site.   To encode, select the options menu then the 'Save file' tab and set your MP3 options.

Although ACXTractor is a nice program, the registered version costs $26.99 and it only is a CD MP3 ripper.  There are better free options for this feature available like Exact Audio Copy and CDex.  However, if you are testing cd mp3 rippers, you should give it a try as it may successfully meet your needs.


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