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Audio Catalyst

audio catalyst

Developer: Xing Technology
OS: Win 95/98/NT
Installed Size:  6.7MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding

Boasting one of the fastest MP3 encoders on the market with the Xing encoding engine, Audio Catalyst will convert most standard length songs in wav to mp3 in about 40 seconds (depending on the speed of your computer).  The CD ripper (Audio Grabber) is fast and powerful, working in conjunction with the encoder for 1 step production of ISO standard mp3s playable in just about any mp3 device.  Most of Audio Catalyst, apart from the Xing encoder, was produced by Jackie Franck, the developer of AudioGrabber.  See Jackie's comments on the history of this relationship.

Audio Catalyst also features Xing's Variable Bit Rate encoding for optimal sound quality and efficient file size output when converting WAV to MP3.  Other features included are file tagging, normalization, CDDB support, Xing MP3 player, and more. For a complete MP3 audio solution, couple Audio Catalyst with Acoustica's MP3 CD Burner and you can rip, encode, decode, and burn with speed and quality.  

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