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audio converter

Developer: Dennis Rebentrost
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Installed Size: 5.43MB
Function: Ripping, Decoding, Burning

Other audio converter tools:

Audio Converter just about does it all with your MP3s.  The only thing it doesn't do on download is encode, but the program gives you a quick link to download BladeEnc to hook into the program for encoding.  In the new beta version, the LAME encoder is included on download.

The interface is pretty typical.  Lots of room to load up files for conversion with buttons on the top.  The beta version interface is much easier to use with clearer and larger icons that will help you quickly discern what button does what.

Converting to WAVE was fast and easy with Audio Converter.  The files sounded fine and were ready to burn.  The evaluation download includes an option to install Easy CD-DA Recorder for burning CDs.  Unfortunately, the program kept generating errors so I could not test burn a CD.

Audio Converter is one of those programs that has all the right options and will depend on each user to tell if it suits your needs.  My advice is to try to beta with the LAME encoder.  If the burner works on your machine, it may not be a bad deal for an all in one converter.  The professional version is for the technically advanced and offers command line and script options for greater control over the program.

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