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Free CD Ripper Audio Crusher

free cd ripper audio crusher

Developer: SysDesk
OS: Win 95/98
Installed Size:  ?
Function: Ripping

Audio Crusher is another free cd ripper program that needs a supported encoder to make MP3s.  One major drawback is that it currently will only work for Windows 95 & 98 users which leaves the rest of us high and dry.  However it is free so who's complainin'?

Once you do download your encoder of choice, you can tell Audio Crusher to call it up for MP3 encoding through the 'Settings' menu.  Encoding is done on the fly, no residual WAV files hanging around your hard drive if you don't want them.  The program connects to the Internet CDDB database for easy identification and naming of your audio files.  You can also manually set the ID3 tag info through a button on the main interface.  The program can also automatically normalize your audio files to insure consistent volume.

It seems like Audio Crusher's best use is to be one tool in your MP3 toolbox.  For decoding, you will have to find one somewhere else (why not try our MP3 decoders section?)  However, free means free so you might as well give it a shot.

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