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Audio Grabber

audio grabber

Developer: Jackie Franck
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size:  1.6MB
Function: Ripping

Similar programs:

Audio Grabber has long been a popular ripper, in fact, so popular that Xing Technologies asked Jackie Franck to help develop Audio Catalyst and use the ripper as a major part of the program.

The CD ripper's appeal comes from its ease of use, accuracy, and stability.  The program incorporates a high level of error correction to help ensure quality rips.  It can normalize your music upon extraction, creating even volume levels on all rips.  The programming is precise and takes up minimal space on your hard drive.

If you want to make MP3s, you will need to download an encoder and use it in tandem with the program.  That is no big deal as you can pick up the latest LAME encoder download for free.  You can learn how to incorporate both programs in Audio Grabber's excellent help file.

The free version of Audio Grabber lets you randomly rip half the tracks on a CD.  Upgrade to the full version for $20 for unlimited ripping capability.