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MP3 CD Burner editor's excellence award

mp3 cd burner

Developer: Acoustica
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
Installed Size: 6.58MB
Function: Burning, Ripping

With MP3 CD Burner you can:

  •  Burn 200 songs on your CDR or 1000 on a DVD
  •  Burn standard music CDs to play in your home or car
  •  Copy your CDs to MP3, WAV or WMA! (Automatically names the tracks via FREEDB).
  •  Specify exact amount of silence between tracks or add fades and other transitions.
  •  Use "Burn-Proof" CDRW drives for error-free CD creation.
  •  Easily navigate the simple software interface

Acoustica, the makers of the extremely popular MP3 to WAVE Converter PLUS, presents another great product in MP3 CD Burner

Ease of use is a hallmark for Acoustica.  This burning software presents a simple interface with access to all the functions you need in a burner: add and remove songs, add fade effects, arrange song order, CD ripping, and a powerful search feature to help find songs on your hard drive fast.  Convert MP3 to CD without the need of an MP3 decoder, MP3 CD Burner does that automatically. The progam now burns MP3 and data to CD or DVD. This means you can burn up to 1000 songs on a single DVD!  

MP3 CD Burner also adds the best in new CD burning technology like CD-Text support and Burn-Proof technology that works with your CD writer* to ensure accurate burns without data interruption (buffer underrun errors).   The inclusion of Burn-Proof launches this program way over the competition and greatly decreases frustrations from incomplete burns that plague many other programs.Other cool features include the software automatically detecting possible incomplete songs you try to load into the queue, saving the pain of burning them to CD.  

The new version of the burner, 3.0, now has the ability to burn MP3 and data to CD or DVD.

Other than the features already mentioned, Acoustica really shines in its customer support.  If you ever have a problem, there is a live chat feature on the site and a bulletin board where questions are answered promptly.  Acoustica puts their customers first as seen in their registration policy.  If you pay for a program, you have bought it for life and can download all future versions of the program for free.  No Microsoft, money-grubbing update fees for this company!  If you have any problems, Acoustica is also very generous in refunding your money.

Download free trial copy of MP3 CD Burner

April 2011 Update - MP3 CD Burner version 4 now automatic fade out, automatic volume leveling, fade and mix options, EQ every song individually, Ogg Vorbis file support, and more.