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CDex Download and Review

CDex download

Developer: Alber Faber
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Installed Size: 2.64MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding

CDex is a powerful ripper and encoder combo that has satisfied MP3 software fans for a few years now.  Albert Faber is a leading contributor for the LAME encoding project.

CDex rips fast and accurately, applying jitter correction for quality control.  Files are normalized to ensure consistent volume levels.  Track information can be read from the CD's .ini file or you can hook up to the CDDB database on the Internet, both will keep you from typing in track names yourself.

The program uses LAME as its default encoder but can be used in conjunction with a variety of encoding tools for various formats.  Since Faber works on the LAME project, you can be assured he will include the latest and best version of the encoder with CDex. Additionally, CDex functions as a free mp3 to wav converter, easily decoding your audio to prepare for CD burning.  Couple this program with a burning utility like MP3 CD Burner and you have all the MP3 tools you need. Overall a fantastic product that is a must have at the right price.

CDex Download