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CD-Runner 2002

Developer: Beyond Software
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size:  16.5MB
Function: Ripping

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CD-Runner 2002 doesn't do much for you when it comes to MP3 on its own.  The program is actually a combination of two earlier versions.  Primarily this new version is a media player, something it does well.  However, as far as file conversion, it will only rip your CD tracks to WAV format.  You need to download another MP3 encoding program to make MP3s.  The program does not have CD burning capabilities either.

As far as the other features in the program, the interface looks cool and gives you the ability to organize your music easily.  The quality was good and well balanced for a player and on par with WinAmp in this category.  However, advancing tracks on a CD was slow and clunky, a problem that annoyed me to no end with MusicMatch Jukebox 6.

If you are searching around for a new and innovative software front end for playing music and connecting other MP3 programs into, give CD-Runner 2002 a try.  If you want MP3 conversion first and foremost, it may not be worth the time.

Try CD-Runner 2002




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