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Welcome to the MP3 decoder section of  All software features at least a decoding function, whether stand alone or incorporated into the burning software. Most listings include more features than just decoding. Some of the mp3 decoders have been tested for quality by David Robinson, an audio PhD student at the University of Essex.  Click on the decoder test links to view his results.

If you want a decoder quickly, get software to convert mp3 to wav on our MP3 decoder downloads page.

Why would someone want an MP3 decoder?

The purpose of an mp3 decoder is to convert audio data in compressed format (i.e. mp3) to uncompressed format like .WAV, AIFF, or PCM.  The uncompressed data can then be edited or burned to a CD for use in most common CD players (home, car, etc.).  When decoding mp3 to wav, you cannot gain any kind of quality that you had before compression.  MP3 is a lossy format and some of the original audio data has been discarded in the encoding process and cannot be regained.  

MP3 to WAVE Converter PLUSFeatured MP3 Decoder - MP3 to WAVE Converter PLUS easily transforms MP3s for audio CD creation. Now includes a built in encoder.


Blaze Media Pro
MP3 to All Converter
MP3 WAVE Builder
Alto MP3 Maker
Advanced Encode Decode Tools
Audio CD Maker
dbPowerAmp (view decoder test)
Audio Companion
Audio Converter
Media Jukebox (view decoder test)
Awave Studio
Sound Limit
Tsunami Pro
Ultimate Encoder
Easy CD Creator (view decoder test)
MAD MPEG Audio Decoder (view decoder test)
MPAction Tools
Music Match Jukebox
Rosoft Audio Tools
Siren Jukebox (view decoder test)

Easy CDDA Extractor
Frobis MP3 Studio
MP3 Decoder 1.7 (view decoder test - review on v.1.41-1.45)
MP3 Convert It!
MP3 Home Studio
MpegDJ GoWave (view decoder test)
MP3 Toolbox
PC Music
AudioActive Production Studio 2.0 (view decoder test)
Wave Convert Pro

Cool Edit Pro (view decoder test)
Cool Edit 2000
Real Jukebox Basic (view decoder test)
Nero Burning Rom (view decoder test)
SCMPX (view decoder test)
Audio Convert