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Dionysus MP3 Encoder

freeware mp3 encoder

Developer: Dionysus inc
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size: 416 KB
Function: Encoding

Dionysus is a simple freeware mp3 encoder that uses the BladeEnc encoding engine to make MP3 files.  BladeEnc's strong point is for making CD quality MP3s for archiving, excelling at bitrates 192kbps and above.  However, you must already have WAV files on your system as this program does not rip from CD.

The program is very simplistic and is essentially a graphical frontend for BladeEnc since encoding is all this program does.  By what it does do, it does it well.  BladeEnc produces good quality MP3s at higher bitrates but can't compare with Frauhnofer encoders at 128kbps and below.

The only other real features to the Dionysus MP3 encoder is the ability to add extra processors through the 'Advanced Options' tab.  I am guessing that this will pull in the power of other computers on a network.  The program is available for download in profane and profanity-exclusive options, referring to the colorful metaphors in the readme file.

Dionysis seems to be no longer available for download. For another good encoder that uses the BladeEnc encoding engine, see Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder