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Easy CD Creator Platinum 5

Easy CD Creator 5

Developer: Roxio
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME
Installed Size:  ?
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding, Burning

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Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum from Roxio (Adaptec spinoff company) is an all in one MP3 solution.  Roxio promotes this product as an upgrade to the software that usual comes with your CD recorder as it goes beyond MP3 to digital movie and photo tools as well.  Package includes SoundStream 2 and DirectCD software.

What can't you do with Easy CD Creator 5?  Well, you can't eat it, even though it is a sweet program. Backup your hard drive, put photos on CD, and just about everything MP3.  You can even use it to record music off of LPs.  The program has a good set of sound editing tools to clean up your files for archiving or burning to CD.  The only thing that Roxio doesn't offer is free upgrades which is a bummer and a trial version.  If you aren't comfortable with buying a program without being able to try it first, see our other programs of interest.


  • Design and print your own CD labels
  • Rip and encode music from CD or LP
  • Edit hisses, pops, and clicks with audio editing tools
  • Normalize audio tracks for CD burning
  • Backup data on your hard drive
  • Copy directly from one CD to another
  • 14 different software programs for audio, photo, and video
  • Burn custom audio CDs or MP3 data CDs

List price $99.95

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Windows 2000 users will need a software patch from Roxio located here