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BladeEnc MP3 Encoder

bladeenc mp3 encoder

Developer: Tord Jansson
OS: Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP
Function: Encoding

Software using or supporting BladeEnc MP3 Encoder:

included - BladeEnc comes with program
supports - BladeEnc plugs into program but is not included

Graphical Frontends for BladeEnc (Windows):

Graphical Frontends for BladeEnc (Linux/Unix):

Starting as a hobby project in 1998 and designed to achieve quality MP3 encoding at higher bitrates, Tord Jansson downloaded the ISO source for MP3 encoders and went to work on what would become BladeEnc.  Tord felt the need to deliver software that was free to use and let BladeEnc develop into an Open Source project.  However, since the encoder was based on the ISO source code that Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and other MPEG Layer III companies help patents on, Jansson was forced to discontinue distributing BladeEnc in executable form.  However, compiled versions of BladeEnc are still floating around for you to search for (we don't post any links here as to avoid any difficulties with mentioned parties).  The source code for the program is available however under LGPL license.

BladeEnc achieves very good quality even if it is a bit on the slow side (see Jansson's commentary on MP3 encoding speed) other work is being done to improve this.  Format is command line, as shown in the screenshot above, but other programmers have built graphical and console interfaces to make BladeEnc more user friendly for the all of us command-line inept.  BladeEnc is also packaged with many other MP3 software packages.

Technical Information:

BladeEnc.dll and BladeEnc.exe:

  • Stereo or Mono output. Can downmix to Mono on the fly.
  • Supports the following bitrates: 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256 and 320 kBit/s. However, for bitrates lower than 128 kBit we seriously recommend you to use another encoder.
  • Flags like Private, Original and can be set.
  • Input samples can be in either 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz.
  • Both 8 and 16-bit samples are supported.
  • Working CRC checksum generation (since 0.80). The ISO reference code had broken CRC calculations, which has been inherited into every ISO based encoder that haven't added a fix for it.


  • Can be plugged directly into many popular 3rd party products, giving them integrated mp3 encoding abilities.
  • Encodes chunks of data from memory to memory, no need to use files or pipes.


  • Can be compiled for nearly any operating system still in use.
  • Commandline based, makes it easy to include BladeEnc into BAT files and shell scripts.
  • Only mp3 encoder that supports gapless encoding.
  • Reads standard uncompressed WAV- and AIFF-files as well as well as RAW PCM-data.
  • Batch encoding. Can encode any number of samples in a row.
  • Wildcards supported. You can for example encode all WAV-files in a directory by typing "*.WAV".
  • Input samples can be automatically deleted after encoding.
  • Large selection of graphical frontends available.
  • Task priority can be set from the commandline and is by default set to LOWEST so that you still can use your computer effectively while encoding (Windows & OS/2 only).
  • Textbased configuration file where you can change default settings.