MP3 Encoder List

Below is a compilted list of programs that come with an encoding engine to convert WAV to MP3.  Some programs include encoders that will handle other file formats as well such as WMA or OggVorbis.  Included is a list other features that the software can perform.  If the home site of the software does not identify the encoding engine, we tested the encoded MP3 files with the program EncSpot which will give the best estimate on which MP3 codec is used.  All engines identified this way are marked with a "?". We'll be adding more software in time.  To download directly, go to our MP3 encoder downloads page.

LAME MP3 Encoder Included

Additional Features

LAME Encoding only
MP3 to WAVE Converter PLUS Decoding
AltOMP3 Maker Ripping and decoding
YAMP Ripping and decoding
Easy CD Ripper Ripping
Advanced Encode Decode Tools Decoding 
MPAction Tools LAME for registered users, FhG ACM, ripping
Audio Companion ripper
Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder BladeEnc also included
Waver BladeEnc also included, decoder
Easy CDDA Extractor Ripping, decoding, burning
CD Stripper Ripping
JukeItUP Ripping
CDex Ripping, decoding
dbPowramp Ripping, decoding
FreeRip MP3 Ripping
CD to MP3 Maker Ripping
CD-DA X-Tractor Ripping
Audio Convert Ripping, decoding
CDMaster32 Ripping, decoding, burning
MP3 Home Studio Ripping, decoding, burning
Fraunhofer Type Encoder Included Additional Features
MP3Enc Encoding only
FastEnc Encoding only
MPAction Tools LAME for registered users, FhG ACM, ripping
AudioActive Production Studio ACM or producer pro?
Music Match Jukebox FastEnc
Nero Burning Rom FastEnc or MP3Enc?
320 bit encoder
Cool Edit 2000 FastEnc or MP3 Enc?
Rosoft Audio Tools FastEnc
BladeEnc Included Additional Features
BladeEnc Encoding only
Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder BladeEnc also included
Waver BladeEnc also included, decoder
CD Copy Ripper, decoder, burner
MP3 Strip It! Supports Fraunhofer encoders, ripper
Audio MP3 Maker Ripping
dbPowerAMP Ripping, decoding
Dionysus MP3 Encoder Encoding only
Proprietary Encoder Additional Features
Tsunami Pro Ripper, decoder
Blaze Media Pro Ripper, decoder, burner
GoGo Encoder Additional Features
CDnGo Ripping
Unknown Encoding Engine Additional Features
Audiowriter Support for BladeEnc, ripper, decoder, burner
Easy CD Creator 5 Ripper, decoder, and burner
CDMaster32 Ripper, decoder, burner
Ripper, burner
Soundstream Ripper, burner
AudioConvert Ripper decoder
Either Fraunhofer or Xing Encoder
PC Music Ripper, decoder, burner

Xing MP3 Encoder Included

Additional Features


Encoding only


Includes Audio Grabber ripper

Froebis MP3 Studio Xing Old Version? 
Ultimate Encoder Xing Old Version?, decoder, batch encoding

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