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dbPowerAmp Audio Player

dbPowerAmp is a newly revised player from the developer of long time favorite dbPowerAmp Music Converter. The player is slim and easy to use with a familiar interface. One awesome feature is the ability to play WMA files (additional plug-in download needed) and the ability to rate your songs. The rating system is on a five star scale so the higher the rank, the more often the song plays. Way cool and should be a standard feature in all players.

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Lean and mean, Winamp is the king of free MP3 players. Fast, great sound quality, tons of EQ presets and customization, and nice ID3 tag editor make this a must have. Clear, logical interface makes it extremely easy to use. Change the look with some great Winamp skins. April 2011 Update: Now owned by AOL, Winamp has become a total media solution. Not only can you listen to your music files, but you can also listen to Internet radio, watch video, and listen to podcasts. The program supports over 60 audio and video formats so you'll probably be able to play just about anything through this one program. There are a ton of options to personalize and customize the player so tinker to your heart's content. If you upgrade to Winamp Pro (which costs a registration fee), you can convert audio files, burn CDs, and rip CD audio to various digital formats including AAC. Winamp can now be used on portable devices like the Android phone.

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iTunes might possibly be the #1 free music player in the world. Easily add your MP3 files, convert CD audio to MP3, AAC or other popular formats, manage your music in a fairly easy to use interface, and buy music easily through the iTunes store. iTunes has been faulted for being a bit clunky due to its large file size and numerous features. Some other nice features are automatically lookup of track names, downloadable album art, the ability to rate songs in your collection, and a fairly easy and quick way to make your own playlist. If you own an iPod or an iPhone, iTunes is a must to interface your music collection with these devices.

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Windows Media Player

Whether you want to listen to your music collection, listen to Internet radio, or watch movies, just about everyone with a PC has used Windows Media Player. As the default media player on every PC, WMP is activated every time you want to use a media file unless you've downloaded another player that has taken over as default for those file formats. WMP will work fine for most people unless you are user of the iTunes store. WMP hasn't done a good job in competing with Apple in the selling of legal MP3 downloads. WMP lets you have some customization options in how it looks (download skins to change the appearance) and it will convert some files for you and let you burn and rip CDs. Due to the stiff competition from Apple, we suspect that WMP is probably more popular as a movie player than a music manager these days.

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UltraPlayer is a basic, few frills program. It plays MP3, WAV, CDs, AVI, MPEG, and Internet streaming audio. It includes free CD ripping to MP3 or WAV and some simple file converting. It may not be the best option to compete with Winamp or iTunes but it is an option nonetheless.

About Free MP3 Players

April 2011 Update €“ Winamp, the original king of free mp3 players, has had terrible competition from the big boys. Microsoft's Windows Media Player, which comes free with every PC, does what most people need and is so thoroughly ingrained in the Windows Operating System, the average person may not think they need anything different.

iTunes has branched out from being the favorite not only on Mac computers but on PCs as well. iTunes really made a name for itself in providing the best and most comprehensive catalog of legal MP3s to buy and download. It was the first major legal system that marked the beginning of the end for pirate software platforms like Napster, Limewire and now BitTorrent. Although illegal downloads will probably always thrive on the Internet, iTunes has become the #1 source for those who don't mind paying $1 or so for their favorite songs. iTunes is also a very good song management program and provides the functionality most people are looking for.

Windows Media Player is another decent option for song management but perhaps not as elegant as iTunes. It does provide all the basic audio and video playing capabilities most people will want. Additionally, you can use it to rip CDs, do some file conversion, and even burn CDs.




Download free mp3 players at your own risk.
The one's listed worked well for us but are not guaranteed to work for everyone.