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Froebis MP3 Studio

Developer: Froebis Interactive
OS: Win 95/98/NT
Installed Size:? 944KB
Function: Encoding, Decoding

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Froebis MP3 Studio is a simple MP3 converter that encodes and decodes files.? There is no ripper, files must already be on your drive in WAV format to encode to MP3.? The program will also play files, allowing you test them before you convert.

The encoding process was slow by the main concern definitely wasn't speed.? The output file had some significant flanging that was very distracting.? I could not identify what the program was using as an encoding engine, but it was fairly poor quality.? The decoder, however, was both fast and produced very nice sounding files. One other plus was the interface for the program was laid out well and easy to use.

To improve, Froebis really needs a ripper and a higher quality encoding engine.? Incorporating the LAME engine would bring it up to par with most other programs of its kind.

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