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How to register MP3 Bee

If you want to get unlimited CD burning capability with a great, easy to use piece of software, you need to simply register it after purchasing a registration code which we will show you how to get.  Remember, if you purchase the program you will get free upgrades for life, a feature that many other software developers make you pay additional for.

First, you must have downloaded the program from our site and installed it on your computer.  If you have not done so, you can download the program from Sahertian Software .

1.  After you have downloaded and installed MP3 Bee, follow this link and fill out the completely secure order form and a registration code will be sent to you (you will know the order form is secure because you will see a picture of a locked padlock in the lower right of your Internet Explorer browser or a similar image under your 'Security' button on Netscape Navigator).  This is the fastest way to purchase the program and have an electronic receipt of your purchase.

2.  You can also follow this link, choose 'Order Now', and change the payment information field to order by FAX or mail.

3.  If you did not follow the link above, you can use the 'Options' pull down menu on the software's main screen.  Choose 'Register' for a few different options.  Choosing RegNow to order from will take you to the same page as the links above.

Once you have the registration code, simply choose the 'Options' then 'Register' options at MP3 Bee's main screen.  Simply enter the code that you received and your user name, press the 'Verify Code' button and you will have successfully unlocked the program and its full MP3 burning potential.  If you have any troubles registering, contact Saheritian at

Register and get full CD burning capabilities




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