How to get your own copy of WMA Encoder Decoder

If you want to:

  • Have unlimited WMA 8 encoding (making WMA files in the highest quality with the latest technology)
  • Be able to make WMA files from CD
  • Make quality audio files that are smaller than MP3
  • Fit more digital audio on your computer, custom CDs, or portable players
  • Have ulimited WMA decoding
  • Own a very easy to use WMA converter
  • then get WMA Encoder Decoder!

How to Get This Great Program

First, you must purchase the program for only $19.95 through's completely secure ordering form (you can also order over the phone or use the fax, instructions are on the online order form). To get to the online order form, follow this link and fill out the easy secure order form and a registration code will be sent to you (you will know the order form is secure because you will see a picture of a locked padlock in the lower right of your Internet Explorer browser or a similar image under your 'Security' button on Netscape Navigator).  This is the fastest way to purchase the program and you will have an electronic receipt of your purchase.

Once you purchase the program and have the registration code, you will need to download WMA Encoder Decoder (if you haven't already). All you need to do is open the program once it is installed, find the "Register" button, and simply input the code in the register field. Once you have done that, you will have your own copy of Advanced WMA Workshop and will be able to easily handle all your WMA converting tasks with nothing more to buy ever.

Purchase for $19.95 and get unlimited WMA converting

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