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Key:  Encoding (convert to MP3) |  Decoding (convert MP3 to WAV) | Ripping (convert CD audio to MP3 or WAV)
Burning (convert MP3 or WAV to CD)

Name/Site Price Functions Requirements Type
Autolame - script to convert wav to mp3 free Encoding Linux OS freeware
cdenc - Ripper and encoder.  free Ripping, Encoding ? freeware
cdparanoia (recommended) - popular ripper saving to WAV, AIFC, or 16 bit PCM with read correction to ensure accurate recording. free Ripping Linux 2.0, 2.1, or 2.2 freeware
Grip - gtk based CD player and ripper.  Encodes with the LAME encoding engine and uses the ripping utilities of cdparanoia. free Ripping, Encoding GTK+ freeware
RipperX - GTK program to rip and encode free Ripping, Encoding cdparanoia, supported encoder freeware
StreamRipper - Rip Shoutcast streaming audio to MP3 on your hard drive free Ripping audio streams Linux OS freeware