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Media Converter

Developer: WebMessenger
OS: Win 98/NT/ME/2000
Installed Size: 4.5 MB
Function: Ripping, Decoding, Burning

Other mp3 converters:

Media Converter is a simple program to mainly encode to WMA format or burn files to CD. However, you can also decode MP3 to WAV as well.  Upgrading to the plus version will allow for faster CD burning.

One big drawback to this program is the inclusion of WebHancer spyware.  WebHancer monitors your surfing habits and also helps deliver custom ads that might make you buy something.  You can block this annoying software with ZoneAlarm firewall or remove it completely with AdAware.  Revelatex only tells you about this software on installation, no mention on the site that I could find.

Media Converter's interface is simple, although dominated by a large add at the top.  Add files by clicking the folder icon and then progressing through a few screens that will question your conversion intent.  Encoding is only done in WMA format although you can also decode MP3 to WAV.

The burner in the basic version is slow, burning at only 1X to entice you to pay them some money to upgrade.  Another large drawback is no buffer underrun support.  My first CD I tried to burn came out a coaster.  Even if your hardware has buffer underrun protection, the burning software has to support it.

Overall, there is a lot better freeware out there.  Upgrading to the plus version isn't really worth it due to the program not really being anything special.  If you want to pay money for a program, get Music Match Jukebox.