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Monkey's Audio

Developer: Matthew T. Ashland
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size: 1.48 MB
Function: WAV compressing

Monkey's Audio is a freeware program that takes WAV files and squishes them to about 60% of their original size.  Since there is no lossy compression algorithms like MP3, the program is therefore a "lossless" WAV compressor.  The quality will be exactly the same as on a CD but 40% smaller.

Monkey's Audio is very easy to use.  Simply add your WAV files and choose your compression choices ranging from fast to high quality modes.  The files will be saved in .ape format.  The drawback is this format is only readable on a few players, WinAmp is one, with the help of a plug in.  So you could make custom CDs out of the smaller files but they could only be played on your computer with software that supports the file type.

What Monkey's Audio does, it does very well.  Files sound great and the extra compression can really create space if you work with bulky WAV files.  However, the lack of versatility of the file type makes this program only good for a minority of digital audio enthusiasts.

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