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MP3 Bee by Saheritian Software

This is a quick, easy little program that has won the appeal of the folks at Tucows (5 glowing cow score) and ZDNet (4 out of 5 stars).  MP3 Bee has a simple, Windows Explorer-like drag and drop interface to load MP3s to burn.  You can also add MP3s with the click of a button if the Explorer interface is unfamiliar.  One cool feature is tucked away in the file options is an "Export to WAV" command which is a fairly quick MP3 decoder.  Surprised Saheritian doesn't advertise it.  The program also comes with a built in player, nice for testing your audio files before burning, and an ID3 tag editor.  Not a bad little product for the price. Free trial allows you to burn 3 CDs before registration.  For help registering, see our MP3 Bee registration guide.

Try MP3 Bee Software  

Minimum system requirements
- Windows 95/98/ NT/2000
- 486x PC (Pentium recommended)
- 32MB RAM Memory
- CD (Re) Writer
- Sound Card
- A couple of blank CD-Recordables



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