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The mp3 converters on this page do not have free trial downloads and are not shareware. We have provided reviews of a few of them by following the link of the program title so you know a little more about the program before you buy. Tip: make sure the program has a good return policy before purchasing.





The MP3 Master - All in one MP3 tool with ripper, encoder, burner, and free WinMx file sharing utility. Handles all conversions, burns MP3 and WAV to CD, organizes music collection, internet radio. Free upgrades for life. (Win 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000)



Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum - All in one MP3 solution with ripper, encoder, burner, sound editor and more.  Also features digital movie and digital photo tools. (Win 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000)



Audio Catalyst - Fast variable bit rate encoding and burning features. Uses Xing encoding engine.  (Win 95/98/NT)



Xing MP3 Encoder  - From the makers of Audio Catalyst with just the encoder. One of the fastest around and includes VBR encoding.  (Win 95/98)



About Commercial MP3 Converters

April 2011 Update - Many of the listings on this page are old and have some out of date information.  We suggest taking a look at our free mp3 converter listings as you will probably be able to find a program that does what you want without having to pay any money.

Most MP3 programs that require registration fees usually provide a free trial for you to test out beforehand.  Programs today that have no free trial and cost money usually contain many more features than just MP3 conversion.  Some are complete multimedia solutions that handle video as well.  For example, Roxio's old Easy CD Creator product has now become Roxio Creator video, audio, photos, CD and DVD burning, and a whole lot more rolled all into one.

If you are interested in commercial products, we suggest going to and taking a look at products like Nero Multimedia Suite, Roxio Creator, and Sony Acid Music Studio.  There are a lot of great user reviews there that will help you identify the pros and cons of these programs and which might be a good fit for you.  If you can't download and try the product yourself, the next best thing is to rely on honest reviews of people who have bought and used the program themselves.