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Super MP3 Recorder

mp3 recorder

Developer: ColdRG Co
OS: Win 98/2000/ME/XP
Installed Size: 2.38MB
Function: Decoding, Encoding from sound card

Other MP3 recorder software:

Super MP3 Recorder takes audio played through your sound card and saves it in MP3 or WAV format. Therefore, you can record audio from a Microphone, record, tape, or another line in source plugged into your sound card. You can also record audio from CD, Internet streaming audio, or Winamp.

Super MP3 Recorder is an easy to use program. Just set the recording volume for the source you are recording, play, and press the record button. You know if you are recording successfully if you see the volume bars fluctuate in the main interface window. If you open the recorded file and nothing plays, you probably don't have the volume set loud enough. Check the program's help file if you have trouble.

This program has made some nice improvements. Now included is the LAME MP3 encoder to convert all the audio through the program to MP3. You can easily adjust the quality of the encoded MP3 file to suit your taste although the default option of 128kbps is just fine. The program will also convert WAV to MP3 easily through the main program window.

The trial version of Super MP3 Recorder allows you to record 40 seconds of a recording and use all other functions. Registering the program for $19.95 removes all restrictions.