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Bookmark this ever expanding page as your MP3 site resource.  Included are MP3 search engines, archives, FAQ pages, software conversion, all in one portals, and much more.

Tech and FAQ Info

Bitrates - Our page on bitrates and how they effect MP3 encoding, explanation of CBR and VBR encoding 
Fraunhofer Institute - One of the pioneers of MP3 technology.  View products, current technologies, and the future of digital audio
Inside the MP3 Codec - Courtesy of MP3: The Definitive Guide, find out how MP3 compresses audio while maintaining high quality
L.A.M.E. - Open source project developing the source code used in many LAME based encoders.  Good info on encoding and the history of the project
MPEG Home - Home page of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), a collaborative group of professionals working on worldwide coding standards
CD-Rom Guide - Discussion board on everything related to CD-Rom with an MP3 section - Overview of the MPEG committee, audio test results at various bitrates, discussion on MP3 patents, and new emerging digital audio codecs
MPEG Audio Layer-3 - Fraunhofer's history and technical manual to their digital audio format
MP3 Package - From Webmonkey, comprehensive MP3 FAQ from legality to nuts and bolts

ID3v2 - Official site of the ID3 tagging standard with an explanation of enhancements in version 2
Experimental Encoder - Class project at Stanford, report explains project and various encoders, some encapsulating the future of digital audio compression
Xory's MP3 FAQ - The basics of MP3 from the file format itself to obtaining, recording and converting