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One of the great joys of MP3 is the ability to make your own custom CDs for use in the car, home or on the computer.  All you need is CD writing hardware (drives from Plextor, Ricoh, and Teac consistently get very good ratings), CD-R or CD-RW media (CD-R is the best option since it is less expensive and can be used in all players), and the proper software.

Helping you choose the proper software is what we are all about. For quick access to burning programs, try our CD burner downloads page.

If you are looking for both basic and advanced information on CD burning, the links below should help:

CD-R faq - downloadable faq in html format with a ton of information on all the ins and outs
How Safe is High Speed CD-Audio Recording?

Buffer Underruns

The Truth About Buffer Underruns - Article from Roxio, makers of Easy CD Creator