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Inside the MP3 Codec
Breaking It Down
Lossy Compression
Masking Effects
Freedom of Implementation
Who Defines Imperceptible?
The Huffman Coding
MP3 Decoding
Anatomy of an MP3 File
ID3 Space
Frames Per Second

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Inside the MP3 Codec - Bibliography
featured with permission from MP3: The Definitive Guide by Scot Hacker

1 Figure 2-1 is based on a chart and data produced by Xing Technology Corporation.

2 However, note that frequency-dependent sensitivity flattens out the louder the sound is. For more information, see the section on Fletcher-Munson curves in Chapter 4} .

3 Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception . First published by Chatto and Windus Ltd., 1954. Now available in numerous reprints.

4 Presumably, one of the distinguishing characteristics of insanity is a failure of the mind to perform its function as a reducing valve, allowing "irrelevant" information to take as much precedence as the relevant.

5 See the glossary for definition and more information.

6 Decibels are a unit of sound pressure, more commonly known as "volume." The measurement of decibels is always relative, so 10db does not imply something quieter than silence, only that the second tone is quieter than the first.

7 Pulse Code Modulation is the standard designator for the digitization of uncompressed audio, such as that found on audio CDs. PCM audio is sampled 8000 times per second at 8 bits, for a total storage consumption of 64 kbps.

8 And because old movie cameras did not operate at a constant rate, nor was the frame rate accurate with the passage of time in the real world.

9 Generally, stored audio frequencies cannot be higher than half the samplerate, so a 96kHz samplerate allows for storage of frequencies well outside the human 20kHz threshold.

10 Documentation on the MP3 specification can be ordered for around $150 from .

11 This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it depends on the complexity of the passage in question.

12 DAE stands for Digital Audio Extraction, and refers to a CD-ROM drive's ability to grab audio data as raw bits from audio CDs, so you don't have to rip tracks via the sound card. More details on DAE can be found in {_XRef\>74323: ch05: Chapter _} .

13 Figure 2-5 is based on a diagram produced by ( ).


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