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MPAction Tools

MPAction Tools

Developer: Birdcage Software
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size:  ?
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding

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Birdcage Software has combined Rip N'Coder, Wave Fix, and Jukebox Decoder into one package called MPAction Tools.  The mp3 converter combination lets you extract audio from CD, edit the WAVE files (including track splitting for recording from LP), encode to MP3, and even decode MP3s to WAVE for burning.  

One cool feature about the software is that you can choose right click conversion and playing options during installation.  This allows to simply right click on MP3 or WAVE files anywhere on your computer to start the conversion process or simply test play them.  However, one annoying problem is that in order to use the LAME encoder, you have to register the program.  This seems like a cheap shot since LAME is a free program.  I had LAME installed on my computer but could not connect it into the program without registering.  You could get around this by simply ripping to WAVE and then encoding with LAME outside of MPAction Tools.  

I was extremely impressed though by the speed and accuracy of the ripper.  A 30+MB WAVE file only took about 10 seconds to rip in normal mode which is absolutely incredible.  The accuracy was nearly flawless and sounded just like it did on the CD.  The decoder was harder to use though and I still can't get it to work correctly.  

Best use for this program is for ripping.  I would use other programs for decoding.  Use freeware LAME to do your encoding.




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