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MpegDJ GoWave

Developer: Xaudio
OS: Win 95/98/NT
Installed Size:  480KB
Function: Decoding

MpegDJ GoWave is a free MP3 decoder from Xaudio.  The decoding process is simple.  Adjust the output directory near the top of the interface to control where the program will deposit the WAV files.  Drag and drop files from the explorer interface to the queue and click the decode button and away it goes.  You can also load up a list of files for batch decoding.

The decoding process is very fast.  On my P3 1Ghz machine, the software decoding at 21X real time, one of the fastest decoders I have seen.  The output files sounded pretty good but a scientific test on the program by David Robinson reveals some problems.  According to David, MpegDJ cuts off some high frequencies and has trouble with some low ones.  Although many people may not notice the problems, it lead him not to recommend it as a decoder (MpegDJ GoWave decode test).  However, if you don't have an audiophile ear, the program should work very well for you.

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