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Nero Burning Rom 

Nero Burning Rom

Developer: Ahead Software
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
Installed Size:  22.1MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding, Burning

Nero Burning Rom is a comprehensive burning tool for both audio and data files.  The wizard loads automatically on opening the program and easily guides to quick CD creation.  Add files with the familiar Explorer-like interface seen in the screen shot and simply drag and drop.  The burn process is monitored through a dialogue box that tells the estimated finish time and also the status of your machine's memory buffer.  However, if you have a CD writer with BURN-Proof or similar technology, Nero 5.5 will automatically make use of this feature to avoid buffer underruns.  

Not only does Nero deliver quality, the software is packed with more features than any other burning tool.  Nero uses on-the-fly burning, eliminating any temporary WAV files on your hard drive.  You can also copy a CD image on your drive for accurate CD to CD creation.  However, image creating does not insure perfect data to data copies as many game cloners prefer.  CloneCD is a much better tool for this.  Nero supports the creation of mixed mode CDs for a combination of data and audio files.  Burn with TAO or DAO options, edit wave files, and even encode MP3s with a demo encoder from Fraunhofer.  Upgrading to the full version encoder is only $15.  

Nero is a great tool with a great reputation and highly recommended for both beginning and advanced users.  Although more expensive than some tools with less features, its comprehensive nature satisfies those who wish to pay once and be done with the hassle. For the money, it definitely beats Roxio's Easy CD Creator hands down. 

Download Nero 5.5 Demo

Get CD version for $59.99