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Power Audio Cutter

OS Compatibility: Win XP/7

What It Is

Power Audio Cutter is a Windows based converter that lets you take an original audio track, cut a piece out of it, and then convert it to another file format.  You don’t have to cut if you don’t want to which makes the program double as a universal converter.

Why would you want to cut a piece out of an audio track?  For most songs you really wouldn’t, it is more of an editing application than anything.  If you record audio from the Internet, there may be circumstances where you would want to edit out audio sections that aren’t of any use to you.

Supported File Formats

Power Audio Cutter supports the following audio file formats:

  • wav
  • mp3
  • m4a
  • amr
  • wma
  • aac
  • mp4
  • ac3
  • au
  • mp2
  • aiff


Additional features in the program include support for other languages, bit rate selection to help you manage the size and audio quality of the exported file, audio sample rate, and stereo/mono options.

Download Power Audio Cutter

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