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Developer: Mr. Shannon
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Installed Size: 1.10MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding

RightClick-MP3 is a DOS based program that lets you find MP3 or WAV files, right click on them and choose your conversion options.  Included in the download is BladeEnc for the encoder and L3Decode 30 day trial for the decoder.  If you want to use the decoder longer, you should register it with Fraunhofer.  Doing so will also eliminate the program's nag screen.  The program doesn't claim to work on Win 2000 machines but did work on mine.

As far as encoding, the program is going to have the same strengths and weaknesses of any program using BladeEnc.  This encoding engine is good for higher bitrates and archiving audio.   If you are looking for encoding at 128kbps or lower, it is not the best choice.  The decoder is good and fast, producing quality WAV files.  RightClick-MP3 also gives you the ability to rip CD audio yet the process is a bit trickier and explained on the web site.  

The program is fairly solid overall technically and will give quality in accordance with the limitations of BladeEnc and L3Decode.  In future versions, the author plans to add a freeware decoder to avoid having to nag users to register.  For freeware, the program is decent yet the lack of a graphical interface, CDDB lookup, and easy ripping make it difficult for the new user.  It is worth a try, though.  New users will find the interface of Music Match Jukebox or CD-DA X-Tractor more familiar.



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