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Rip Vinyl

OS Compatibility: Win XP/7

What It Is

Rip Vinyl was designed for record owners to convert their LPs to digital audio formats.  This allows an owner to listen to their records on their PC, iPod, in their car, or wherever.  It also lets you save wear and tear on your LPs so you can just store them safely and increase their longevity.

The program also works to convert cassette tapes to digital audio formats like MP3.  It works by recording whatever audio is going through your PC sound card and converting that to digital.  You need to have a sound card with a “Line IN’ option and a “Line OUT” (or headphone jack) on your LP or cassette source and connect the two.  Alternatively, the program supports USB turntables so you don’t even have to worry about the “Line IN” connection.

Supported File Formats

Audio playing through your computer to MP3 or WAV

Additional Features

The program can automatically separate the tracks for you by understanding the minimum amount of silence between tracks and then breaking them apart.  This is really handy for LPs and cassettes so you don’t have to manually separate the tracks yourself.

Overall, Rip Vinyl is a handy program for anyone that has records, cassettes, books on tape, or anything else they want to convert to digital audio.  The program is not free but is very affordable at only $12.95 for the full version.

Download Rip Vinyl

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