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Toast 5.0 Titanium (Macintosh) by Roxio

Toast 5 Titanium

Learn more about Toast 5.0 features

Toast 5.0 Titanium CD Recording Software

Toast 5 Titanium for Macintosh lets you make your own music, data, and video CDs! Turn your digital photos into video slide shows and burn them or your iMovies onto VideoCDs that are playable on DVD players and your TV. Turn scratchy LPs and cassettes into crystal clear CDs. Convert MP3s into audio CDs or burn them on MP3 discs. Protect your valuable data on CDs or share it with users of Windows PCs. Print custom labels for your new CDs. The perfect burning companion to iMovie and iTunes - compatible with more versions of MacOS and virtually all CD recorders.


  • Burn CDs in the background while working with other programs
  • Rip, encode, and decode with QDesign's MVP software included
  • Design and print your own custom CD labels, covers and inserts
  • Turn MP3 files into standard audio CDs or burn them onto MP3 discs
  • Convert any analog source (LPs, cassettes, even live music) into CD
  • Clean up older recordings by filtering out clicks, hisses, pops and other unwanted noise
  • Supports virtually all USB, IDE, SCSI and FireWire CD-Recorders and all Power Macs with Mac OS 8.6 or later
  • Complete solutions for digital music, digital photos, and digital movies

List Price $99.99

Get Toast 5.0 Titanium from Amazon for only $79.99









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