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Tsunami Pro32

Developer: Soundlabs
OS: Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000
Installed Size:  8.25MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding

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TsunamiPro32 is primarily a file converter, audio recorder, and sound editor.  Besides converting MP3, you can record streaming audio from the Internet, mix tracks, and even eliminate vocal tracks for Karaoke lovers.  There are numerous other utilities included mentioned on the main site.

TsunamiPro uses its own encoder to make MP3 files.   Ripping and encoding is a slow process and the output file of 128kbps sounded decent although a few classical guitar riffs sounded slightly distorted while the vast majority were crystal clear and sounded fantastic.  The extraction is done digitally and bypasses the sound card for a more accurate rip.  There is no CDDB lookup but you can rename the tracks manually in the program.   Decoding occurs when choosing to save an mp3 file and selecting WAV as the saved file type.  However, the demo version only saved the first 30 seconds but sounded very good.

TsunamiPro32 is an expensive program to buy outright at $99.  However, if you are into mixing, definitely download and compare this program against its competitors Cool Edit Pro and Sound Forge.  The 128kbps MP3 file was the best I have heard at that bitrate.  For the average MP3 user this program is a bit much but for the audio pro, it is definitely worth considering.

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