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X2CD Music CD Burner

visual mp3

Developer: TinySoft
OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Installed Size: 3.43MB
Function: Ripping, Encoding, Decoding, Burning

X2CD Music CD Burner is an all in one MP3 program that handles both audio and video files. The program rips files to MP3 or WAV, converts a variety of formats, and burns audio and video to CD.

The layout of the program is fairly simply and the only thing that may be troublesome is some of the non-standard menu icons. A simple curser hover will solve that problem though as the function of each icon is displayed in text format. Basic functions are easy to find and use however. The ripping function will quickly access the FreeDB system on the Internet and automatically name your files, saving you precious time after conversion. The program rips to WAV or to MP3 with the LAME MP3 encoder but does not let you set the bitrate. The default bitrate for MP3 encoding is 160kbps, which is a very good default quality for the LAME encoder. X2CD also lets you rip and make custom soundtracks from your favorite DVD movies.

The only hitch I found in the program came to the burning process. The program only burns audio CDs (no MP3 or WMA data burning), which is fine and standard with most programs. However, the decoding and burning process was a bit slow. No big deal if you have time, because the final CD was flawless and very clear. No additional programs had to be shut down on my computer during burning which reveals a good buffer-underrun proof system in the software. A nice additional feature is the ability to burn graphical CD covers for the custom discs you make.

If you don't require a lot of detailed functions and are just an average user that wants to make some custom CDs or build your own jukebox collection on your computer, this is a good program. The program also doubles as a media player that lets you listen to and view all your audio and video files. The demo version is fully functional but only allows 5 files at a time to be converted or burned. All future upgrades for registered users are free.

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